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this song came in a dream, as songs do, and yes the lyric and melody came locked. this song asks a big question--how alive can we be? how can we let each other in? how deeply can we experience being alive...

we have to carve out of life the hour to create

Going through my Mother's things, there were some things I couldn't discard. Her old checkbooks; a record in her careful penmanship of all she paid for, as a single parent raising me; my college loans, dentist, rent, gas, electricity, credit card, phone, sneakers, medicines, and on and on. This woman who never splurged on herself, never took a vacation -- that was the price of my education! it is so unfair and not right.

the song asks:

"Was there room—in your life
for one glorious mountain climb"

my Mother never climbed a mountain, though many hills... I drove her to the top of Bear Mountain, and the Costa Amalfitana, I poured the wine...

What she did climb was the Washington Monument, in heels, on her honeymoon in 1947, and that is glorious.

for her
for all of us
that may we love deep
and without end



copyright 2017 Annie Lanzillotto

Was there room—in your eyes
the night—we sat by the fire?

Was there room—in your heart
when we started—to forge a love for life?

Was there room—in your soul
did’ja know—how far our love could go?

Was there room—in your thoughts
did’ja know—we belonged to the road?

Was there room—in your life
for one glorious mountain climb

Was there room—in your day
To say—I love you for all time

Was there room—in your night
for soft light—and plenty of wine

Was there room—in your smile
for your heart—to jump beats with mine

Was there room—in your soul
to be kind—no matter what life would throw

Was there room—in your nights
For your story—to be sung and told

Was there room—in your heart
When apart—did’ja find me in the moon?

Was there room—in your hours
D’jyou feel power—when we held hands tight

Was there room—in your stance
to take a chance—and speak all your truths

Was there room—on your lips
for a sip—of earth’s greatest delights

Was there room—in your leaving
For believing—we’d connect after it all

Was there room—in your breath
for a death to come—and go

Was there room—in your eyes
the night—we sat by the fire?


from Never Argue With a Jackass, released June 1, 2017
Annie Lanzillotto, vocals


all rights reserved



Annie Lanzillotto Yonkers, New York

Annie Lanzillotto is an author, songwriter, performance artist, orator and poet.

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